Polartec Micro ® is a thin fleece material that holds a layer of insulating air on both sides of the textile that captures the body heat. The fleece ventilates and evacuates moist very well and absorbes less than 1% of its own weight (159 g/m2). GreenLine fleece from Polartec is made out of >50% re-cycled soda bottles.

Polartec Thermal Pro ® is a really powerful fleece that gives a lot of insulation to a low weight. The fleece has a durable surface to avoid pilling. The material holds a layer of air on both sides of the textile that insulates and captures the body heat. The material is water repelleant and absorbs less than 1% of its own weight (281 g/m2).

Polartec WindPro ® fabrics are extremely breathable yet provide 4x more wind resistance than traditional fleece. This is the new "super fleece" which spans an incredibly wide range of conditions; performs as both outer wear and insulation; and offers exceptional durability. This is a versatile fabric which can be worn all year long for a variety of activities. Hardface® Technology provides extreme durability and abrasion resistance in a soft, exceptionally breathable and water repellent fabric.

B3 Teragon Recycled ® - an eco friendly and re-cycled fleece from the Italian supplier Lanificio Becagli, using PET bottles and post-industrial fibre waste yarns and less harmful sustances in production. This soft and stretchy fleece offers all classic characteristics such as warmth-insulation-breathability. With the blend of jersey in the material, the characteristics of a warp knit as well as using a 3-yarn construction, the result is a material with an outstanding handfeeling and comfort, being durable and pilling resistant and providing an outstanding breathability as well as wind resistance. The material is also non-allergic to the skin.

ProModal ® is the perfect combination of Lenzing Modal® and TENCEL®, which are two special cellulose fibers from Lenzing. The exceptional softness of Lenzing Modal® and agreeable high performance of TENCEL® make ProModal® a multi-talented fiber, extremely suitable for the combination of outdoor- and children wear. Botanic principles are applied during the production of all Lenzing fibers. ProModal® is made of wood and thus originates from the world of plants. ProModal® and all other Lenzing fibers, are an eco-alternative to cotton and provides outstanding softness with optimum function.

EntrantW T is a microporous two layer material with superior waterproofness and moisture permeability which gives minimal condensation providing a wide comfort range using the garments in different kind of activiies.

Dermizax EV T is a two layer material with a membrane from Toray. Dermizax-EVT is a 100% wind- and waterproof membrane that has got an excellent breathing ability and that evacuates the condensations which ensures that the child is kept dry. Dermizax-EVT is a poreless membrane which will not become blocked by residual washing agents, dirt or salt crystals, that is why this material is ideal to make childrens wear of as they often gets dirty, needs repeatative washing and drying.

Cordura ® is three times as durable as polyester and twice as durable as nylon. Thus excellent for children wear.

SPORT WOOL ® is a blend material which gives the best of two
worlds, the soft Merino wool (40%) closest to the body will guarantee the child a warm and dry feeling, while the polyester (60%) on the outer layer of the material will transport moisture from the body as well as give the garment a fantastic durability which will ensure many washings

THERMORE RINNOVA® is made out of 100% recycled soda bottles.
Thermore is environmental friendly insulation created for performance and
comfort. It is a light weight and soft synthetic padding with a very high
warmth-to-weight ratio that also provides a high degree of movability for the

BLUESIGN ® the independant bluesign® standard is the response to the dramatically increasing demand for textiles that are more sustainable and better for people, business and for the planet. The goal of bluesign® is to link suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and brands together to foster a healthy, responsible and profitable textile industry. The bluesign® standard is built around five principles: resource productivity, consumer safety, air emission, water emission and occupational health and safety.

BIONIC FINISH®ECO will open up new perspectives to the clothing sector.
With BIONIC-FINISH®ECO the company of Rudholm Group have succeeded
in developing water repellant finishes that do NOT release flourorganic compounds.
In the field of hydrophobic finishing, this is a specifically developed
ecological alternative to marketable flourcarbon products.

PrimaLoft® INFINITY is a fine denier, high loft continuous filament insulation
engineered for warmth, compressibility and softness. Fine fibers form tiny
air pockets that trap body heat and keep the cold out. These fine fibers are
engineered for permanent water resistance and create tight surface tension
that resists moisture penetration. Fine denier continuous filament fibers

TENCEL ® is a cellulose fibers from Lenzing. The exceptional softness and agreeable high performance gives a multi-talented fiber, extremely suitable for the combination of outdoor- and children wear. Botanic principles are applied during the production of all Lenzing fibers. Tencel® is made of wood and thus originates from the world of plants. Tencell® and all other Lenzing fibers, are an eco-alternative to cotton and provides outstanding softness with optimum function.

LEOFEEL™ MX is a microporous 2,5 layer material with a waterproofness of 10,000 mm and a moisture permability of 7.000 gr/m2/24hrs, providing en excellent comfort when being active during the warmer season of the year independent of weather conditions and activity.

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